Turning mathematics into objects of desire.

My designs are about a sense of wonder, about those moments when we stop for a moment, whether staring at a flower or poring over a text book and say to ourselves “Aha, now I understand”.

It’s exactly that ‘Aha!’ moment that a d/dx art design is intended to create.

Every d/dx art design is created with two things in mind. First and foremost, it has to look good, otherwise why would anyone take it home and put it on the wall. The designs come in a range of styles. Some are spare and minimalist, some bustle with activity. Some are mysterious and intriguing, others are blatantly obvious in their meaning. Most designs come in a range of colours to suit many tastes and environments.

But behind the visual impact of these designs lies something else – something which is at the heart of the mission of d/dx art: the passion to rekindle, in however small a way, that sense of wonder and fascination when it comes to the mysterious rules that govern our universe - rules which we strive to express through mathematics and geometry.

Every design is an idea expressed in colour and, as you pass it each day on the wall at home, gradually that ‘Aha!’ moment will become part of the way you look at the world. Even if only in one small area, you will become just that little more comfortable looking at the universe through the wonderful magnifying glass of mathematics.

You can read more about the maths behind the designs and the process that goes into producing them on my WordPress site at www.ddxart.co.uk

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